Getting started

Get started with Dfox Open Platform

Welcome to Dfox Open Platform!
Here at Dfox, we are building towards an open platform to enable developers to enhance your project's discovery and engagement. Leverage Dfox's rapid growing ecosystem and user base to expand your impact , as well as provide useful tools for your users to track and manage their crypto assets.

Benefits of Open Platform

Fair, fast and in full control
Open platform provides a fair chance to all projects. It is the fastest way for data integration. Projects have full control over data shown to all users.
Connect with DeFi community
Rapidly attract large numbers of users that are already familar with DeFi
Extend your project's mobile access and engagement
Leverage Dfox app to drive user engagement with mobile portfolio tracking abilities

Help your users track their portfolio

With Dox, you can provide different types of data to your users, helping them to track and manage their portfolio. By providing an API, users can see all their holdings in your project by entering their public address.
The example below shows a user's portfolio from Compound:

Project Integration Process

Step 1: Fill out project integration application form (Apply here)‌
Please give detailed information to expedite the process.‌
Step 2: Wait for confirmation from Dfox Team‌
We will process your request within 5 working days and contact you via TG/Twitter/Discord/Email.‌
Step 3: Provide an API for review (See API standard)‌
Once you've received confirmation, please provide an API according to our standard and submit it for review (Submit here).‌
Step 4: Go live‌
Congrats, your project is now supported ​🎉 Community members will periodically review each project, please keep your info and API up-to-date.‌

​​❗ Important Notice:‌

  • We do not charge any fee. It is 100% FREE.
  • There is no guarantee for project integration. We do review each project at early stage to ensure a great user experience.
  • Please keep your info and API up-to-date. Projects that fail to do so after a period of time will be delisted.